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Tails Of The Town Grooming

Every dog should have their day !

Welcome to Tails of the Town Grooming Salon! Our goal is to make your pets visit to the salon as relaxing and stress free as possible. We treat your pet like family and strive to give them a great experience, with our friendly and caring staff here to make sure your pet looks and feels their very best!! Call or stop by to see our salon or call to make your pets appointment today! We look forward to meeting you and your pets!

Salon Hours

Hours Are Subject To Change.
By Appointment Only - Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 - 5:00!

Tuesday 9:30 - 5:00
Wednesday 9:30 - 5:00
Thursday 9:30 - 5:00
Friday 9:30 - 5:00
Saturday By Appointment

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Pet Grooming Services

At Tails of the Town we take pride in each client that enters through our doors.  While your pet is in our care, we treat them like our own.  We provide that extra touch with every groom.  Beginning with a one-on-one groomer consultation and examination from nose to tail of your pet at drop off, this way we can find any trouble spots so we can recommend the perfect clip and shampoo best suited for your pets skin and coat condition.  You will be able to let us know exactly what you want for your pet.  We include the following services in each Full Groom:

Ear Cleaning:  This includes removing any excess hair and cleaning dirt or other matter from the ears to reduce or eliminate odor and aid in preventing ear infections.

Nail Trim:  The nails will be trimmed.  This assists in slowly retracting the cuticle so that the overall length of the nail can be shortened.  This is very important for walking properly on their pads and not on their nails.

Trimming of Sanitary Areas:  This aids in the appearance as well as the comfort of your pet.

Brush Out:  Stimulates the skin, removes the old coat and reduceds shedding.  If your pet is matted, the mats must be removed prior to the bath in order to properly cleanse your dog.  Additional charges may apply.

Spa Bath:  Your pet is in for a real treat with our spa bath system!  Yes...they will have a relaxing stream of warm water and shampoo pulse through the coat to lift dead hair, skin and oils, and then rinses it all away!

Hand Drying:  We use a variety of drying tools to assist in maintaining a healthy coat and to prepare your pet for its desired cut and style.  We hand dry each pet.  This is very important.  During the drying process we brush each dog, which stimulates the skin and promotes the natural oils.  It allows the coat to be completely and evenly dried to make for a better cut and style.  Our drying process will take a little longer than using a cage dryer, but allows for a softer and more beautiful coat! 

The Final Cut and Style:  The overall look will depend on the breed of your pet and your individual preference.  When deciding on a cut for your pet, please consider how much time you can devote to maintaining that cut during grooms.  Do you have time to brush out your dog if you choose to leave the length a bit longer, to avoid mats, or would you prefer a pet cut that is a bit shorter and easier to maintain.  During the consultation we can discuss the options and what you desire.  We are experienced in hand-scissoring and traditional clipper work.  We can blend the two for a more natural and professional look.

Prices:  Grooming charges depend on the breed, style, condition of coat, size, temperament and age of your pet.  As professional groomers, our rates are based on the time with your pet.  The prices quoted are based on a routine regular grooming visit averaging from every four to eight weeks, depending on the breed and your pet being "mat-free".  Over-grown pets will take additional time to groom properly and are subject to additional charges.  The best way to avoid these charges is to schedule regular grooming appointments.

Other Additional Services:

Teeth Brushing:  Dogs do get plaque, tartar and gingivitis - all of which cause bad breath for your dog and tooth problems or loss.  We can brush your pet's teeth with a fluoride free, enzymatic toothpaste that your pets will love, it has been specially formulated for dogs.

Blueberry Facial:  This is an all natural aloe & jojoba oil that will cleans the fur and conditions skin, removes tear stains and is great for those dogs with wrinkles!

De-matting fee:  If the coat cannot be combed from the skin out, it is matted.  Extra time dematting the coat will also be an additional charge to the basic price.  In an effort to not traumatize your pet during this difficult process, sometimes it is best to go with a short cut and allow the hair to regrow.

Spa Package:  This is an add on package that includes the blueberry facial scrub, teeth brushing, nail dremmel and paw scrub.

FURminator Package:  Excellent de-shedding procedure that will remove dead fur and allow for the new fur to grow in healthy and strong

Vaccination Requirements:  We will need to have written proof of current vaccinations from your pets vet.  We are happy to contact your vet's office and have the records faxed over for your convenience.  This will need to be done the day prior to your appointment.  This is for the safety of both your pet and the safety of others...including the groomer!

 Grooming Services Prices:


Service Description


Full Groom – Small


Full Groom – Medium


Full Groom – Large


Full Groom – X-Large


Bath Only Small


Bath Only Medium


Bath Only Large


Bath Only X-Large


Nail Trim


Flea Dip


Blueberry Facial


Spa Package


FURminator Package




All prices are assessed at time of appointment after condition of coat is established and customers needs are determined

Tails of the Town Boutique will be available soon, we will carry unique pet products and supplies including high quality pet food, collars, leashes and toys.

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